December 2018 'HELL Week'

'HELL' week, or Hostile Environment Lifesaver, Long course is a week long course that includes the first three modules of the Paramed CZ Hostile Environment Lifesaver training program;

H.E.L Basic (Module I) - 10/11 
H.E.L Intermediate (Module II TECC) - 12/13
H.E.L Advanced, Prolonged Field Care 24hrs (Module III) - 14/15
H.E.L Fire (Live Fire Module IV) - TBC

This Paramed CZ modular course allows students to attend the whole course, or to attend part of the course depending on their level of previous training. It offers a greater level of flexibility for students that cannot attend a whole course. This course will also be run over consecutive weekends during the year, so you can qualify as time suits.

This course will focus on 'hands on' practice with minimal classroom time.

You will learn the fundamentals of Tactical and Hostile Threat Medicine, know when to fight and when to treat, how to adapt and overcome in extreme scenarios, look after patients when evacuation is delayed and use the most up to date medical equipment and procedures.

Modules I-III Inclusive 750 euro / 19,000 CZK
Modules each 250 euro / 7000 CZK
Location, Cesky Mutejovice
Food and Accomodation not included, accomodation available in Hotel Pivovar at discounted price for PMCZ students

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